Travis' Birth Story

Do you know why it has taken me almost a year to get Travis' Birth Story on paper? Quite simply because forgiveness is hard for me. Grace and mercy are hard for me. And as I think back on the events leading up to his birth, it still stings a little. But I'm going to write it down in hopes that this will help free me. I know Jesus will free me. He's making me new.

Let me start off by saying to my friends who have yet to give birth, it's likely not going to go the way you've planned. Sorry to break the bad news to you. And to my friends who have already given birth, it's ok that it didn't go as planned. I'm speaking this truth to myself as well. What has to happen is a balance of planning and accepting something unplanned. It's hard. But it's a requirement for your sanity and freedom from regret and bitterness.

I have read countless birth stories online where the mom complained about this health care provider and that health care provider. And while I do have some major concerns for our health care system, I am choosing not to make this one of "those" posts. For this post, I will focus on the good...the miracle of a baby's birth. My baby. My Travis.
I never expected to make it to my due date much less go 6 days past it. When my due date arrived and there was still no baby, I was confused. I had been in "labor" for a month now. What in the world? I asked my friend (who is a labor & delivery nurse at the hospital where I would be delivering) when she would be working next. She said it wouldn't be until the following Tuesday. It was now Thursday so there was no way I was going to make it until next Tuesday! And my friend agreed that would be a long time for me to hold out for her to take care of me. Plus y'all, this was my third child. Weren't they supposed to start arriving earlier with each one? Maybe I've been misinformed.


Little did I know at the time, we would be forcing Mr. Travis out the following Wednesday!

Since we had decided to go with induction (something I swore I wouldn't even discuss this time), I knew I wanted to have an epidural in place when things got going. I know from my induction experience with my first child (and no pain meds) that Pitocin makes contractions much stronger than they normally would be with natural labor. And honestly, I didn't want to go through that horror again.

So as planned, Adam and I arrived at the hospital at 5am on May 27th. I was all hooked up and ready to go by 7:00. It's been so long now that I honestly don't remember when the Pitocin was administered or when I got the epidural. My mom brain is failing me these days!

I believe I was about 6cm dilated when I got the epidural. And just like my last labor, almost instant relief! Whew. I felt so good that I actually went to sleep for about an hour! then the pain woke me up again. I immediately knew something was wrong. I pushed the button that was supposed to give me another dose of medicine into the epi. But nothing happened except more pain. This was not good. So in my mind I'm thinking back to all of my friends who have said in the past that their epidurals "wore off" before the main event.

Aghhhh...panic set in. I called the nurse. My nurse (my friend from church actually got to take care of me!) was at lunch so her supervisor said she would come down and check on me. When she arrived she looked at my back and calmly said she was going to have to call the anesthesiologist to come redo the epidural because I was bleeding all around the injection site. She said she wasn't sure why that was happening. She cleaned me up as best she could and said she would be back to check on me. The pain was getting serious by now.

I don't believe she had been gone 3 minutes and I felt Travis move down into my pelvis. I held onto the bed rail and through clenched teeth told Adam to get my nurse friend. I couldn't catch my breath. The pain was intense. My friend was still at lunch and her supervisor said she would come check me. Upon examination she said I was ready to deliver. She radioed to call the doctor and my nurse friend but said she was going to have to deliver now.

I. was. freaking. out.

The epidural wasn't working and I'm having flashbacks to my first labor experience. Panic. Pure panic.

I had already started pushing when my friend and doctor arrived. I could not catch my breath. I was so thankful for my friend in that moment because she was telling me when to take a deep breath and when to push. All I wanted to do was push and not breathe until it was all over. I remember my friend saying so excitedly, "You're about to meet Mr. Travis!"

Although the pushing phase lasted a little longer this time (due to Travis' positioning) as opposed to my girls' births, it was over in only about 5 minutes. What relief! My baby boy!

I don't remember there being any sweeter moments in my life than the three times I've met my children for the first time. And this was my first son. Possibly my only son. There is without a doubt a special bond between moms and sons. I felt it immediately.

Ok, back to the delivery room...

I knew this kid was a whopper when the doctor laid him on my chest while his daddy cut the umbilical cord. 8 lbs 15 oz to be exact!

The next few hours/days are a blur as exhaustion started to set in. I do remember the girls meeting their brother. Stella was a little afraid I believe. Sydney was overjoyed and couldn't wait to hold him.

I also remember thinking what a good eater Travis was going to be when he nursed for a full hour the first time we tried it! I had certainly never experienced that before! Maybe it was because this was my 3rd go and I wasn't nervous about it. Who knows. Just thankful.

God is so good. Children are a blessing from the Lord!  Psalm 127:3





  1. I love it. You did good, my friend. (And I love how you said, "Possibly my only son." Maybe, maybe not, eh?)

    1. Haha. I always like to keep the possibility in my mind. You know. :)