DIY Bug Bite Paste

Who's ready for warm weather? (Raises hand)

Who's ready for the bugs that come with the warm weather? (Boooo!)

Nobody loves mosquitoes messing up your outside plans during the Spring/Summer. But unfortunately in the South, they are inevitable. They've already started to feast on my kids' sweet meat and it's only February!! Ridiculous!

This year to help alleviate the nasty effects of mosquito/ant bites (or really anything that leaves an itch or sting), I've turned to my essential oils.

Reality Check Wednesday #1

In the land of social media it's often hard to remember that there are endless filters to pretty up our not always so pretty lives. This is my attempt at keeping it real, so to speak.

My life is far from perfect and Reality Check Wednesday will convey that message perfectly.

I hope this series of posts will inspire you to post your own "real life" stories in the comments below as a way of reminding each other that nobody has it all together all the time.

Often. More often than I'd like to admit, this is what my sink looks like when I go to bed. Sometimes the day has just been too long to even think about unloading and loading a dishwasher. And yes I know all the mom blogs will tell you that in order to have a productive day you need to start it with a clean sink. And they're probably right. But I know I'm not alone in this!

What reality check moment can you share with us today? Please leave your comment below.

Back Row Baptist

I'm not one, by the way.

A "Back Row Baptist."

I actually prefer to sit on one of the first few pews in church because if I don't, I get distracted. I believe my husband prefers the back row and anytime he suggests sitting there, I usually roll my eyes. Hey, he knows about my ADD and how I prefer to worship distraction-free on the front row.

Well today we were sitting in our normal seat up front with our youngest (9 months old), who is normally in the nursery but wasn't today. Pretty early on, he got sleepy and cranky and needed to be walked. You mamas know what I'm talking about....

So I headed out. But I hate not being in service so I walked around the back of the sanctuary with him. I walked while I listened. Walked while I prayed and read scripture on the screen behind our pastor. Finally his eyes grew heavy enough that I was able to stop walking and sit down. But again, I hate sitting in the back. I thought for a moment about walking back to my seat beside my husband up front but then I might be the distraction to someone else at that point. So I sat in the very back and let me tell you what that did for this very distracted heart.

Waiting...Why is it so Hard?

The hardest and best thing you'll ever do is wait on the Lord.

The Bible is full of people who refused to wait on the Lord. So I know I'm in good company. We live in an impatient sort of world. We want what we want and we want it now. Sounds like a spoiled toddler to me. But I'm guilty of this attitude myself. More than I'd like to admit.

God himself says all throughout the scriptures to slow down. Wait on Him. Have faith. So why is it so hard?