DIY Detergent

I've been making my own laundry detergent for years. Originally I decided to do it because we were broke and I thought it would help save some money (which it did!) but then I started thinking about the fragrances and chemicals in most store bought detergents and figured they didn't need to be going in our bodies if I could help it. And with babies, you're supposed to use only Dreft or something similar and I got tired of washing the baby clothes separately from ours. It turns out my son has extremely sensitive skin and this detergent does not bother him. And I actually really like making my own detergent. Makes me feel somewhat pioneer woman-ish. Which is my goal in life. Just kidding. So here we go...this is easy and simple. Two of my favorite words.

The Quarantine

Nothing is harder on a parent than seeing their child sick. It stresses me out like nothing else.

I have been in my home with my kids for well over a week now. We had a "big" snow (big for our area of North Carolina) last weekend which prevented us from getting out and about. This was really a blessing. I mean, the kids did get out and play in the snow some, which probably didn't help the sniffles, but boy did they have fun!

But now the sniffles have turned into coughs, fevers and pink eye. Thankfully the fevers are gone but the nasty congestion has remained. And every parent is different in how they deal with sickness. I have always tried to keep my kids at home while they are sick for 2 reasons: I don't want them to infect other children and I want their immune systems to build back up before having to go out and fight off more nasty viruses. I've been working around the clock to try to speed up recovery with my natural go-to's. And I know, this too shall pass.....

But it's still hard.

It's hard to hear them coughing in the middle of the night because they aren't sleeping, and now I'm not sleeping. I need rest too, if I'm going to be able to function and take care of them.

It's hard to know if you're doing the right things. Pretty much every source differs in information on treatment of coughs and colds. Or any illness, for that matter.

It's hard not to have any adult interaction for weeks at a time. I wish I didn't struggle with this, but I do. I am so thankful when my husband walks in the door at 7:30 but I'm almost too tired to even have a coherent conversation with him at that point. I miss people. I miss church. I miss Walmart, for crying out loud. Haha.

Lake Lure...A great family vacation destination!

Do people blog about vacations? I usually don't, but we had such an amazing vacation in October that though it is long past, I still want to share it with you. Let's hope I still remember. It's been 3 months and I've moved our entire house since then. Not sure I have a brain left in my head. But here goes...

First off, I'm a big fan of North Carolina. Y'all. It's such a great state. We are so blessed to live here and have access to beautiful beaches or majestic mountains in only a few short hours.