Our Last Sabbath

Yesterday was a nice day....all afternoon I sat on the porch swing rocking Travis while Adam cooked on the fire pit and the girls played in the yard. Those are the best Sundays. The Sundays our family has learned to crave and try to protect from all distractions or other engagements. No cell phones. No computers. Just enjoying each other and the beauty of God's creation.

This is Sabbath.

Up until this past year, I don't believe I grasped Sabbath. But now I think I get it. Sabbath is designed to mimic God's rest following the six days of creation. Jews and Christians observe it on different days. I believe that up until recently I have thought of Sunday as a day of physical rest....almost in a selfish way. Like, "I'm going to get my nap on Sunday, or else!" Physical rest is good but I don't believe it's the point.

It took several of these porch sittin' afternoons for me to realize Sabbath is a "heart rest."

A heart rest, to me, is sitting on my porch watching my kids run and play. It's having a deep and meaningful conversation with my husband and looking into his eyes. I mean really looking into his eyes for maybe the first time in a week. It's laughing uncontrollably at my daughter's new joke. It's good. A heart rest is very very good.

This post is titled "Our Last Sabbath" because yesterday as I was sitting there with my eyes closed, my cheek resting on my sleeping baby boy's head, the cool wind gently blowing on my face, I realized something. This may be our very last Sabbath in our home. My heart sunk a little....

These days on my porch far out in the country away from everything and everyone may be coming to an end as we prepare to close on the sale of our house in a few weeks. I shared this with my husband and I saw it on his face....his heart sunk a little too.

Our Last Sabbath.

But in that moment I was reminded that a heart rest isn't all about location. It's what you do with your heart for those few hours, and that we can take anywhere. There will be another porch where I will sit and soak up my kids' laughter and enjoy looking into my husband's eyes.

Yes, Sabbath is a must. But Sabbath isn't about what not to do as much as it's about what to do. With your heart.


  1. Beautiful. Sabbath isn't something we talk about much in our more "contemporary" Christian culture. I grew up in a home where keeping the Sabbath was important, but I have gotten away from the established discipline of heart rest. Thank you for the encouragement to find it again!

    1. Awesome! Thanks for reading and giving feedback!

  2. Michelle, I love this! Heart Rest. Yes!!