Change is Good

Do you ever just wake up and NEED to blog? Well I am having one of those days. I guess some people use a paper journal (and sometimes I do too) but you can't post pictures with your text in your paper journal so this is the avenue I like best. I tried all morning to sit down to get this posted but all parents know that rarely ever works out while kids are awake. And that's ok. But the Lord knew I NEEDED to blog today, for whatever reason, and He has allowed me some quiet time in my pjs and fuzzy socks while Adam and Sydney are on a date and Stella is napping away. Awesome. Quiet. Thanks, Lord.

Today I needed to document the amazing prayers that have been answered for our family.

#1: We are having another baby!!! I don't know what else to say about this other than what a pure miracle life is. The Giver is so good. Baby #3 will be arriving mid-late May 2015!
(PS. Thanksgiving was extra good this year because I was right comfy in these pants.....)

#2: My amazing hard-working husband has a new job!!! People ask, "Why in the world would you leave the "freedom" of working for yourself?!" Allow me to tell you without bitterness in my response: 1. Owning your own business means that you are never ever off work. Ever. You can never go on vacation or take a sick day without angry people calling you to demand that they have their needs met immediately or else. 2. I understand why people think there is freedom in owning your own business because occasionally you are able to rearrange your work schedule to meet the needs of your family, etc. But I believe the pressure of having to work 70+ hr weeks anyway really makes rearranging your schedule not worth it. 3. No benefits. No health insurance, retirement, etc. Enough said. I really could go on and on and I really really really have no ill feelings against Pee Dee Appliance, I promise. His owning his own appliance repair business really prepared him for what he is doing now. I am just expressing my gratitude to God for this huge change for our family.

Adam is now working for Electrolux as a service technician. Basically he is doing the same thing he WAS doing but with benefits, better hours, paid vacation and holidays. And best of all, freedom from the pressure of everything riding on his shoulders. He is a much happier man and we are a much happier family unit. I took this picture when I tagged along for his interview back in August. Most people don't know that Electrolux's North American headquarters is in Charlotte. This is the corporate office....

#3: We are selling our house! This really is bittersweet. And this is why I was so weepy last week (if you read my Facebook status). A realtor friend came out to do a walk through and see what changes he would make before we list it and to get us a good fair asking price. As I was showing him around the house, I told him everything we had done to the house (we worked on it a whole year before we moved in!) and my eyes would not stop welling up with tears. When we bought our house we had every intention of fixing it up to sell (it was in rough shape!) but somewhere along the way we fell head over heels in love with it and decided this was where we wanted to be. And you know, it's so hard when you put that kind of label on something because circumstances are always going to change. Always. And while our lives used to be centered around our little hometown, they really aren't anymore. Adam has quite a drive to work every day. Our best friends, church family, grocery store, doctors, homeschool group, and let's not forget Walmart (haha!) are 35-40 mins away. We looove where we live, it just isn't practical for us anymore. I didn't have a good picture of our house on my phone so here is one of our beautiful long driveway I love....

Those are the biggest changes with the Barringers for now but I will be updating you on all of them. Next post will be a little DIY project Miss Sydney and I have been working on....


  1. Yay! Congrats on the new baby! And new job, but I'm sorry about your house. Your driveway really is beautiful.

  2. Thanks Jenn. It is going to be rough to leave (if that's what God has in store for us) but I'm excited about being closer to our "lives" in Stanly Co. :)