I Love Homeschool

I'm officially a fan of homeschooling. This will not be a long detailed post on all the reasons I think homeschooling is amazing (that post will be sure to follow). I just wanted to share a few pictures to document our first 3 weeks.

I am so excited to be on this journey with our Sydney starting with Pre-K this year. There are already days when she would rather be doing anything other than school work. And there are days where my patience runs thin, but that's why it's a journey. Ups and downs along the way but boy, am I excited about it!

1st Day of School gift
Completed art lesson

Ready for our first day of community group!
Learning Latin with the use of hula hoops! Ms. Nancy is the best!

Nina, Pinta, Santa Maria worksheet completed

Working hard on writing the alphabet

Presentation....talking about her puppy :)

If Sissy gets rewarded with chocolate then so will I!

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