Sweetness After the Storm

Simplicity Speaking | Sweetness After the Storm

I really don't know what told me to get up and revive my blog today, but here I am. I've attempted this several times, and it just hasn't happened. Maybe I'm in a writing mood because the kids are actually napping much longer than usual and I can steal 10 minutes of quiet in the house to think. I actually think it has more to do with the fact that as a friend of mine put it, "life seems so much sweeter today." And maybe I just wanted to document that "sweet" feeling.

You see, our community was impacted by a massive storm last night. There were trees down in roads and right through people's living rooms.
I don't know how many people were without power, but I know of more people without than with. We weren't at home when the storm hit. We were at my husband's shop in the downtown area. I was picking him up to head to my in-laws' for supper and as I was driving to town I remember looking at the sky and thinking, "this ain't good." When we arrived at the shop, the storm hit....he was walking out to the car and we heard a loud pop and looked ahead to see a very old oak tree tumble to the ground. It seemed to happen in slow motion....I was in shock. Sydney kept asking, "what's wrong, mommy?" Through the panic and thoughts of "what do I do now," I tried to explain to her that a big tree fell down and that we needed to get out of the car. About that time, another huge pop and my husband ran to help get Sydney out of the car and into his shop. We watched as the police hurried out of the station and the fire station siren blared.

It was all more than a little unsettling. All I kept thinking of was the massive damage those poor people in Oklahoma suffered recently from tornadoes....and wondered if that was going to be our story as well. This may all sound a tad dramatic, but as I was in the middle of something I've never experienced before, it WAS frightening.

We waited a little while, then tried to head to my in-laws. We tried several different roads to get there, all to be met by a gigantic tree on top of a power line blocking the road. I mean, EVERY possible road to their house was blocked. It was crazy. As we got closer to their house, it seemed that every single home had a tree down in their yard or on their house/fence/barn......and then the "sweet" part hit me. I had been praying for an hour without realizing it......praying not just for the safety of our family and friends, but for the community we live in to just simply put ALL of their trust in the Lord despite the outcome of the storms. After all, He knew long before we did that this storm was coming and exactly how it would all play out.

And then I realized that I wasn't the only one praying this same prayer. I literally get chill bumps every time I think of the heartfelt prayers that were lifted in unison to our Savior last night, and today. His people, my friends and family, all praying the same thing at the same time. It was powerful!! IT STILL IS!!!

I had lots of time to think about the beauty of God's people all working together today as I sat outside watching the kids play on this pleasantly cool summer morning. I thought about what "community" means. I thought about God's purpose for community and how we are witnessing that play out this weekend.....

I thought about all of the police officers and firemen standing out in the rain and wind directing traffic and moving trees.
I thought about people offering their homes to those with no power.
I thought about people making arrangements to store complete strangers' food in their own freezers.
I thought about the volunteers braving the weather to set up shelters at school buildings.
I thought about the power company employees who are working without sleep for several days to make us more comfortable.

Yes, a lot of them knew this was all part of the job description, but I know that they wouldn't have signed on without that God-given need for community and helping meet the needs of others.

And I am so thankful He designed us not to carry the burdens of life alone. "Carry each other's burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ" (Galatians 6:2).....just one of many scriptures about community. I  am seeing this in living color today, and I hope you get that opportunity too.


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