A New Beginning

I attempted a pregnancy blog when I was about 30 weeks, and I managed to only post one time. Don't worry, I've been keeping a journal for Sydney so she will know what my pregnancy was like. I did pretty well writing in the journal during the pregnancy, but the day she was born was really the last time I recorded anything. The 24 hours following her arrival were so terrifying, that it has taken me 3 months just to get up the nerve to sit down and try to "catch her up" on what happened. I will attempt to catch you (friends & family) up right now....

Sydney Lane Barringer was born at 7:25pm on July 1, 2010. I was in labor with her all day after being induced via Pitocin at around 10:30am. Luckily, I had already started contracting some before the Pitocin was administered and my body just ran with it. I was so terrified of the possibility that I might be in labor for a couple of days. I wanted to meet my baby that day! Adam was a fantastic coach and the experience made us even that much closer. I am convinced that he is the ONLY reason I was able to labor for 9 hours with no pain medication. It was the hardest thing either of us had ever experienced....until the next day.

After she was born, I held her for maybe 2 minutes, got a family picture and tried to nurse (she was too sleepy) before she was whisked away to the nursery. The nurse had said her Apgar was 8-9 though she wasn't making much noise initially...so I assumed everything was ok. Pretty soon the pediatrician came in to tell me that she was having trouble breathing and that they would monitor it closely but it was nothing to be concerned about. She said many babies have TTN (Transient Tachypnea of the Newborn) and that it usually went away in a couple of days. I was concerned but the doctor assured us it was going to be ok. I couldn't hold her and people couldn't visit her. After all of our friends and family left that night, Adam and I went to go see her in the nursery and got to hold her tiny hands. Her head was under a "baby humidifier" as I called it. She was looking at us and crying and all I wanted to do was hold her in my arms. Her tiny chest was pumping so fast. I'm not sure I slept but *maybe* 30 minutes that night. I was too excited! I had met my baby girl that I had carried for 37 weeks!

The next day we learned that she had not improved as they had expected and would be transported by ambulance to the NorthEast NICU for further treatment of her condition. The pediatrician was very honest in saying that they did not have access to the equipment they needed to help her at this hospital. At that point, I could not wait for the NICU team to arrive to pick her up. I didn't want my precious baby to be taken away from me after only one day of life, and that was what I knew was about to happen. I have never cried so much as I did in that next week. And I had never felt more love from my friends, family and FATHER. If God's purpose for that week was to draw me closer to Him, He most definitely succeeded. I am so thankful. Seeing your child hooked up to machines was the most terrifying thing I've ever witnessed. I won't forget every detail of the 6 days we spent in the NICU for the rest of my life. We are so thankful to God for allowing us to keep our precious miracle on earth. We are also very thankful to the doctors and NICU nurses who took good care of her while she was there. We are so very blessed.

At the end of the 6 days spent in the NICU, Sydney was released and the doctors were still scratching their heads about WHAT her diagnosis was and HOW she got better so quickly. She was obviously in respiratory distress, but then they said she looked like she was born at 35 weeks instead of 37 because her lungs looked underdeveloped, and then they thought she had pneumonia. When they discharged her, I asked the doctor if they ever figured out what was wrong with her and he shrugged his shoulders and said basically that he was baffled. He said he was sure it was pneumonia at first, but then she recovered way too quickly for it to be that. He wasn't sure. But I was. Jehovah Rapha = The Great Physician. Praise be to God!

Below are some photos of Sydney in her first week of life....


  1. Michelle,

    Love your post! You story is very close to ours and I know how hard it is to let your mind go back to those days. You have a beautiful little girl and I know you are blessed beyond words!!!

    :)Krissy Cardwell

  2. Thanks Krissy. We are both very blessed women to have our little miracles still with us!